Functions in depth

The flyback function enables a continuous succession of time intervals to be measured once the chronograph has been started. A special device enables the chronograph counters to be reset and immediately restarted by a single press of the push-piece. To make it easier and clearer to read, the hand of the small minute counter moves in jumps instead of continuously.

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    One press on the «START»

    push-piece at 10 o’clock automatically activates the chronograph hands.

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    One press on the «STOP»

    push-piece at 10 o’clock stops the hands, so that they display the time elapsed from the start.

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    One press on the «RESET»

    push-piece at 8 o’clock sets the chronograph hands back to zero. It is not possible to reset the chrono without stopping it first.

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    One press on the «FLYBACK»

    push-piece at 8 o’clock after the «START» push-piece has been pressed once resets the chronograph hands and instantaneously restarts the chronograph timer, so that successive measurements are carried out without having first to stop the chronograph.

Functions P.9100



  • Hours, minutes, small seconds
  • Date
  • Chronograph flyback
  • Seconds Reset

Technical specifications

  • Automatic mechanical
  • 13¾ lignes
  • 8.15 mm thick
  • 37 jewels
  • Glucydur® balance
  • 28,800 alternations/hour
  • Incabloc® anti-shock device
  • Power reserve 3 days
  • Two barrels
  • 302 components
The column wheel

The column wheel

The Panerai Chronograph movements feature a column wheel system, a sophisticated mechanism that guarantees the highest standards in terms of technology, quality and reliability.
The column wheel takes its name from the presence of a series of “columns” positioned perpendicularly above the wheel. Its function is to control (activate/deactivate) the chronograph levers according to the impulses received by the chrono push-piece.
These columns guide the movement of the chronograph levers which press against a column or fall into an empty space. The column wheel therefore permits two or more levers to be engaged simultaneously, which operate the chronograph functions with a single push.
This device therefore allows greater precision in the operational sequences of the chronograph. The column wheel ensures smoother operation of the chronograph and very precise operation of the chronograph functions.
The column wheel is visible on the back of the watch through the sapphire crystal window.

The vertical clutch

The vertical clutch

This sophisticated system permits the simultaneous transmission of energy between the movement and the chronograph functions. The system is composed of three parts: the lower seconds wheel rotates constantly since it is connected to the seconds wheel of the movement; the chrono seconds wheel is positioned above the latter and a ange which permits the connection/ disconnection between these two wheels. When the chronograph is engaged, the ange comes down and places the lower seconds wheel in contact with the chrono seconds wheel which starts to turn (chrono on). Since the ange is a system without teeth, the vertical clutch prevents the second hand from jumping when the chronograph is engaged. In chronographs with a lateral clutch, the engaging movement causes a shift which may result in the chronograph hand making a larger jump than normal. Furthermore the vertical clutch reduces the effects that the engagement has on the balance amplitude and the chronograph can continue working for longer without negative effects on the accuracy of the watch.


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